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Are you hearing strange noises while you’re driving? Does your car vibrate at high speeds or when idling? Have you noticed fluid leaks? If you suspect that something may be broken in your car then just bring it by The Clutch Guys shop in Wichita for the best service around!

We Repair Suspensions

Front car suspension, frontal view. Vector Illustration

Front car suspension, frontal view. Vector Illustration

The shocks and struts are important components of the suspension system in your car. Other than making your ride nice and smooth, the shocks and struts also stabilize your vehicle to provide a safer, more controlled drive.

The shocks and struts work in tandem to help absorb any bumps or cracks in the road they may affect your drive. If you feel like your ride has been getting increasingly bumpy, or you notice a significant bounce when your car goes over speed bumps and the like, then it may be time for you to come get your shocks and struts inspected.

If you hear strange sounds such as grinding or creaking, you may have a broken ball joint or you may need to replace the control arm bushings.

Having shocks and struts that are worn down or not functioning properly can adversely affect how your car performs. They are an important load-bearing aspect of your car, so you don’t want to be without them for long. Bring your car to The Clutch Guys and we can have your car rolling down the street as smoothly as it did the day it rolled off the lot.

The Clutch Guys is more than just a clutch repair shop. Come to us with any of your auto issues and we’ll provide high quality service and years of experience so your repair is done the right way the first time. You can trust our repair service to last.

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